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New AMT Trainer Training


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NEW 2 day AMT Trainers Training 

with Barbara Saph Licensed AMT Trainer and Trainer of Trainers

Join a new generation of AMT Trainers be an Energist Trainer



Welcome To The AMT Energist's Trainer's Training

The ONLY Energy Based Trainer's Training In The World.


We are energists. We teach about energy and train people in modern energy modalities.

We draw attention to the 6th sense and re-establish connections between energy movements in the energy body, emotion, language and behaviour.

We are not anything like school teachers, sports coaches or university lecturers of old.

We are Energy Trainers.

What's the difference between a teacher, a trainer and an energy trainer?

 A teacher imparts conscious information.

 A trainer changes physical behaviour.

 An energy trainer changes the energy system.


  • We learn by having experiences that significantly change the energy system.
  • ¬†We remember information which has changed the energy system enough to be a permanent change.
  • ¬†The more energy flows, the more information flows and the more is learned.


Energy Trainer & Group


"Your training is a ball of light, and you're INSIDE of it!"

Silvia Hartmann

 You are not separate from your group.

 You and your group are a single unit that exchanges energy.

 A good group will lift you.

 A disturbed group will drain you.

 You are creating not just the group experience, but your own experience by your actions.


The Energy Stress Chart In Training

Audience Energy Body State


What is ‚Äúlearned‚ÄĚ

High negatives

Openly angry, aggressive and uncontrollable audience which may attack the trainer.

Whatever the trainer wants to impart, the group will learn the exact opposite (full learning reversal).

Medium negatives

A passive aggressive or ‚Äúhostile‚ÄĚ audience.

Nothing is learned, learning is blocked.

Low negatives

Disjointed, reluctant, distracted audience.

Little is learned.

Zero (The No-Man's Land)

Audience seems bored, slow to respond, in a world of their own, half asleep.

Difficult to say what if anything is learned.

Low Positives

Slightly interested/co-operative audience, mildly attentive, easily distracted.

Something may be learned but not a lot.

Medium positives

Actively interested, engaged, responsive audience.

The audience is learning by having experiences with the material presented.

High positives

Fully co-operative, intelligent, exciting audience.

Maximum learning and energy flow for the entire training entity.

 The state of the audience creates the trainer's experience.

 But the trainer has it in their power to create the state of the audience.


Welcome To The AMT Energist's Trainer's Training

The ONLY Energy Based Trainer's Training In The World.

 *This a a live training to facilitate group trainings so a minimum of 4 participants is required*.

Manual included

Over 2 unique days and 8 modules learn: 

1/1 Training The Next Generation Of Energists

Energy Trainer & Group

The Stress Chart In Training

Your X-Factor

How To ‚ÄúBe Yourself‚ÄĚ With Groups


1/2 - The Energy Of Leadership

Exercise: The Energy Of Leadership

Exercise: Power Of Voice

Instructing The Group Entity

Exercise: Group Energy Control

Exercise: Single Instruction Exercise

Exercise: Top Down Exercises for Class Control


1/3 - Changing People

The Training Wave

Finding YOUR People

Exercise: Your People Entity Exercise

The Trainer/Group Dance

Exercise: Feeling The Lifting Power Of The Group


1/4 - Role Modeling & Skills Acquisition

Exercise: The Other Trainer

Discussion: The Power Of The Training Hero

End of Day 1 Energy Meditation


2/1 - The Sixth Sense In The Training Context

Energy Magic

Exercise: The Group Entity

Exercise: Exercises In Positives

Exercise: The Gift

Exercise: A Project Sanctuary Exercise: The Classic Game


2/2 - Your Radiant Business Entity

Connecting Your Vision, Your Business & Your Customers

Exercise: Project Energy

Your Logo & Brand

Exercise: Group Power Logo Energising

You & Your Radiant Business Entity


2/3 - Doing Business In The Real World

Unlocking Your Real World Wisdom

Creating Powerful Support Structures

Exercise: People Power

Exercise: Power Over Money


2/4 - Creating Success From The NOW

Clarity & Purpose

Mind, Heart & Soul Alignment

Exercise: Are You Ready For Success?

Exercise: Trainer's Evolution

Energist's Trainer's Certification Ceremony


Welcome To The AMT Energist's Trainer's Training

The ONLY Energy Based Trainer's Training In The World.

Change your future by evolving YOUR energy system to powerfully hold groups of any size, have the confidence to speak YOUR truth and help other people understand the extraordinary power and blessings of Modern Energy approaches to make their lives a better place.

¬†Adding the additional layer of energy information to group exchanges makes ‚Äúteaching about energy‚ÄĚ not just easy, but a powerfully uplifting experience that will help evolve the trainer to THEIR next level - just as the group members find their own evolution in the training.

 Understand how energy works in the group context, and take YOUR energy based trainings to the next level.

Welcome To The AMT Energist's Trainer's Training

The ONLY Energy Based Trainer's Training In The World.

Created by Silvia Hartmann exclusively for The AMT 2013.

Who can do this training

PLEASE NOTE existing AMT Trainers need to upgrade to this new training by Nov 2016, as an existing Trainer you are entitled to a substantial discount.
Existing Trainers of Trainer need to upgrade by Nov 2014 and will also be entitled to substantial discount.

Trainer requirements.

  • To have attended the Energy EFT Master Practitioner, EMO or Positive EFT
  • Have taken sufficient time to acquire the necesssary skills at advanced level -¬†minimum at least 6 months
  • Experience of workshop facilitation
  • Committment to your own ongoing personal and professional development in ¬†Energy work.
  • Good communication skills
  • Willingness to demonstrate your skills by assisting your Trainer in workshops at all levels of your chosen qualification if necessary.


Because the AMT now accredites several courses, as an AMT Trainer, you may only train workshops that you yourself have qualified in during a live workshop,

Possible courses that you might be qualified to train are:

  • EFT Introductory Workshops
  • GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner
  • EMO Practitioner at basic and advanced
  • Positive EFT


This training day gives you a new skill set to help you work successfully with groups it does not show you how to structure, schedule and the mechanics of running a training it will focus on and improve your training talents. If you need to brush up on the physical running of a workshop or the content of the training you might like to consider having a couple of pre-training coaching sessions with Barbara


How to apply , first of all ring Barbara to discuss your application to train the submit:

  • Your CV showing all your relevant qualifications and experience.
  • A covering letter explaining why you wish to become an AMT Trainer and what you believe you can bring to your trainings
  • Your fee of ¬£895 payable to Barbara Saph,¬†plus ¬£100 payable to the AMT as your Trainer's Licence for 1 year, this is renewable annually.


Contact Barbara on 02380663658 or 07919162542 or use our Contact us email.





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