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Picture Tapping Technique

Picture Tapping Technique, 1 Day Training Course, Southampton with Philip Davis and Christine Sutherland.

Some details of the training workshop as shown on course originators website www.PheonixEFT.co.uk

Picture Tapping Technique (PTT) is a new technique that uses Meridian Tapping along with the power of metaphor and the imagination, to release problems in a painless and indirect way.

Because the PTT uses metaphor and symbols it often allows access to aspects, thoughts and memories that may be difficult to express either verbally or by using other modalities. Clients are frequently amazed and delighted at the way things are resolved and the connections between events and issues that are brought to light.

For more details see http://www.phoenixeft.co.uk/html/pttabout.html

Posted Jan 1, 2012   

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