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AAMET-Level 2 EFT, Practitioner


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This minimum 2 day (12hrs) course meets the syllabus requirements for and is certified by the AAMET. It is a professional course aimed at those within Healing, Complementary Therapy, Counselling and Health Care who wish to add this new powerful technique to their range of treatments. It is however still open to individuals who wish to take the training for personal development only

Prerequistes for this course; Level 1 EFT- Foundation EFT  and a copy of Level 1 certificate must be included with your booking form if you did not obtain your previous training from Hampshire EFT Training Centre or Barbara Saph.

Your Trainer will monitor and assess your abilities during the workshop and if you reach the required standard you will receive a Level 2 attendance certificate on completion of the  course from Hampshire EFT Training Centre. Your Trainer may suggest further training if they are concerned about your progress and you will be able to maintain contact with your Trainer after you have completed the live workshop.

A full course manual is included as are competency documents for your own self assessment of your learning.

Practitioner Certification

To obtain certification as an EFT Level 2  Practitioner  with the AAMET it is necessary to:

  • Preferred but not mandatory, be a practicing therapist with insurance cover.
  • Complete the online exam at additional cost of ¬£15
  • Complete a minimum of 4 full case studies, more may be requested, including one
    full session either videoed or audio-taped and one on an issue you have.
  • Minimum of 50 logged hours of practice sessions between 45 minutes and 1 hours
    with a minimum of 20 different people
  • Complete at least 30 hrs additional study from books or DVDs
  • Complete 6 hrs of Supervision at your own cost.
  • On completion you may request membership of AAMET and listing on it's web site¬†
    (See www.aamet.org for full details).


 Overview of some course contents;

  • Tapping Therapeutically
  • Developing skills with clients
  • Refining the procedure with Tearless Trauma Technique and chasing the pain.
  • Limiting Beliefs, how to release them and affirmations as in the Palace of Possibilities
  • Uncovering Core Issues
  • How to address physical issues.
  • Borrowing Benefits, working with groups¬†
  • Introducing muscle testing and further testing of your work.
  • Additional tapping points
  • Working on the telephone.
  • Practical exercises using your skills with others.

Some Comments from Students

"More positive about my life and using EFT" MW
"Exceeded my expectations...I feel much more confident...fab" JL
"More than exceeded my expectations....I found Barbara's method of teaching held my interest and her knowledge exceeds previous teachers" JM



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