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AAMET- Level 1, Foundation EFT


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This is the beginners entry level course for EFT and introduces newcomers to the basic foundations of EFT for use on themselves or family to resolve negative emotions such as guilt, anger or fear and lays the groundwork for future professional trainings. 
It is open to anyone who has an interest in acquiring some skills in this area and may be of particular benefit to therapists, teachers, social workers.
This course is taught over a minimum of 12 hrs or 2 whole days but can be extented by a further¬†¬Ĺ day if more practice is required.
You will receive an Attendence Certificate from your Trainer and you may need to provide this as evidence of your training if you choose to take further training with a different Trainer.

Please note this training is NOT sufficient to use EFT with paying clients or vulnerable people, Level 2 will be needed in order to practice as an EFT Practitioner.

 Some Course Content, a course manual is included.

  • Development of EFT
  • The Tapping points
  • Tuning into issues and setups
  • Psychological Reversal
  • Refining the technique
  • Short Cuts
  • Practical Applications such as phobias and cravings.
  • What happens when it doesn‚Äôt work and what you do next?
  • Testing your work
  • Movie Technique
  • Personal Peace Procedure & Generalization Effect.
  • Practicing on some of your own issues such as pains or discomforts, cravings, specific memorie

This workshop covers the regulated syllabus of the AAMET and is a prerequisite for EFT Level 2.
Level 1 and Level 2 may be taken on consecutive days if required but it is possibly better to leave at least 1 month between these workshops.



Some Comments from Students

"More positive about my life and using EFT" MW

"Thoroughly enjoyable day, gained so much, thank you Barbara you are brilliant...very easy going, likeable and reassuring" SA

"I received a true idea and picture of what EFT means and what it entails" RM

" Very informative, Barbara explained EFT in an easy to understand manner" MW

"It inspired me" CD

A very well presented day. Barbara knows her stuff" GL



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